• Epic Hero4:54
  • Percussive Tension1:44
  • NY to Paris1:17
  • Glory Guitar 3:04
  • Spider's Reverie2:09
  • Deep Piano Atmosphere3:30
  • The Road Home5:36
  • Swampy Jam1:01
  • Gallop2:52
  • Reach For It1:02
  • We Go On2:49

Timothy Drury is an interdisciplinary artist with a comprehensive background in composing for short film, documentaries and commercial spots as well as songwriting, performance, recording, producing, photography and videography. More than 25 years as a performer on world tours with some of the biggest rock bands in the music industry, such as the Eagles, Whitesnake, Don Felder, Joe Walsh, Bryan Adams, Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks.  

He played keyboards, guitar, and sang with the Eagles on their “Hell Freezes Over” tour from 1994 to 2000. Whitesnake from 2003 to 2010, and is currently touring as keyboardist for Don Felder. He co-wrote 9 songs on Felder's new album, "Road To Forever", including the singles, "You Don't Have Me", and "Wash Away", with Felder, and Styx's Tommy Shaw.

photo by gwendolyn antonio

Performance cube / promo reel

photo by Gina Hyams

​​photo by joseph c. tremain jr.

t  i  m  o  t  h  y     d  r  u  r  y     m  u  s  i  c

​​​​​c o m p o s i n g    f o r   c o m m e r c i a l s   •   f i l m   •   t v   •   web

He's also an inspired inter-media performer, combining his composing, and his photographic/video imagery, projected on various fabric screen elements. He's performed this show in the US, and Abroad.

Take a look at the short promo reel, an introduction to to his latest projection concept, the PERFORMANCE CUBE. It also contains performance excerpts, and interviews which provide background info about Timothy's career as a composer/keyboardist/visual artist, over the last 25 years.

Compilation of Commercials Spots 

   photo by david mckay

His first big break in music was with Don Henley in 1989, when he was chosen to play keyboards on Henley’s “End of the Innocence” tour. He co-wrote Henley’s, “Everything is Different Now”, which was re-released on Henley’s Greatest Hits package, and also co-wrote a song with Stevie Nicks, “That Made Me Stronger”, on her "Trouble In Shangri-La" record, produced by his longtime Henley touring mate, Sheryl Crow. Other notable projects include the on going collaborative creation of an opera with Jon Anderson, from the band, Yes.

His instrumental record, "The Crossing" can be heard on iTunes. This record has been in wide release in Europe and has been played extensively in the U.S. on the Weather Channel.

His composing has been licensed for use on E! Entertainment, Spike, PBS, NBC, CBS, VH1, MTV, and several national and local affiliate PBS stations.